Learn how to set up a successful YouTube channel, without showing your face, from someone that has scaled channels to $175,000+ within 4 months!

The proven strategy for success on YouTube from Jelline brands!



Minou Üçerler

Minou Üçerler is 22 years old, a fourth-year student of Commercial Economics, and is now earning over $10,000 a month from YouTube, thanks to the Cash Cow Academy.

Minou signed up in November 2020, and things are going better than she expected. In fact, within three months, she made sure to earn at least $10,000 per month with her YouTube channel without showing her face.

"I am extremely grateful to Jelline and would really recommend the Cash Cow Academy to everyone; you don't want to miss it! I quit my side job at the beginning of February 2021 because I am already earning money with my second and third channel. In addition, I am still in the process of graduating."

Francis Neslo

Francis Neslo is an inspired entrepreneur from the Netherlands. She founded the dance school Got2Groove in 2010 and JuiceXpress in May 2019. In addition, she is a mother of a toddler, but that's not all; Francis also makes money with YouTube without showing her face. Wow!

"There are so many hooks and eyes on Youtube that you have to know to succeed. Thanks to the course and the very active, open, and loving community, I managed to build two profitable channels in a very short time, and I'm aiming for ten channels within a year! If you don't know where to put your money to work, really choose Cash Cow Channels. It's a perfect low-key hybrid between entrepreneurship and building an automated, passive system that works for you, literally while you sleep! As a busy entrepreneur and mom of a five year old girl, ideal to combine with my overflowing schedule. In the beginning, I was spending 30-45 minutes a day, and that has now dropped to no more than 1 hour a week. For me, this is the future!"

Rens Arts

Rens Arts was forced by corona to look for a new source of income. He now earns three times more than his previous job, thanks to Cash Cow Channels.

Fitness Trainer and Coach Rens could no longer practice his profession due to the lockdown and was distraught until he signed up for the Cash Cow Academy in December 2020. 

"I had to earn money, but I couldn't get a job anywhere. It's not easy in this day and age anyway. However, the Cash Cow Academy came my way out of nowhere, and I went for it almost immediately with 100%. In retrospect, this was one of the best choices I ever made. I now earn three times more than in my previous job. I am very grateful to Jelline Brands; thanks to her, I now earn money from home with YouTube, without making videos myself. It doesn't get any better than that, does it?"

Luuk Smits

Luuk Smits' (33) life has changed completely within a few months. After working in logistics for 15 years, he recently started working from home, as he is now making money with YouTube Cash Cow Channels. 

"Jelline claimed to make money with YouTube without showing her face. This seemed perfect to me at first but also too good to be true. No experience needed, no customer service, no start-up capital required, little competition, and passive income from home. That's what you dream of, right? After signing up, it seemed to be possible after all. You could actually make money with YouTube! I immediately got excited and went all in. Imagine that it works..."

And it worked: after six months, Luuk earned a monthly income with YouTube. Meanwhile, his first channel has already made more than $21,000.

Start your own YouTube channel now, without recording yourself


You can work when and wherever you want

All you need to start with Cash Cow Channels is a laptop and a working internet connection. You can work on your Cash Cow Channel whenever and wherever you want.

High-profit margins

You invest in a video once. The same video can continue to make money for years. This way, you can ensure very high-profit margins in the long term.

No experience required

You don't need any papers or experience to get started with YouTube. There are a lot of successful YouTubers to cite as examples who started without any knowledge.



These results are from our Dutch students. We created the English version of the cash cow academy in 2022.


Learn how to create, grow and generate income from a YouTube channel without recording a video yourself.

People you don't know will watch your videos, and you get paid for it. Sounds great, right?

Getting started with YouTube

YouTube has become one of the most popular websites for posting and sharing videos. It is the second most used search engine after Google. The market is insatiable and accessible to budding YouTubers.

It is common knowledge that YouTubers make a lot of money. A lot, in fact.

Have you actually ever thought about starting a YouTube channel to make money yourself? Most likely, this thought was quickly pushed aside because you don't like being in front of the camera, or you don't want to record videos of yourself. 

But did you know you can make money with YouTube without ever recording a video yourself?

Anyone can make money with YouTube!

In fact, you don't have to make videos of yourself at all or have experience producing videos to make money with YouTube! This is a secret that very few people know....

In this course, you will discover this secret. We will teach you how to make more than $1500 per YouTube video with an investment of $0 to $50, without showing your face and having any technical skills.

How can you get started with YouTube?

You invest once in one video by easily making the video yourself (takes time) or by having the video made for you (costs $25-$50 on average). As long as the video is online and being watched, the video can generate a passive income through advertising revenue. This is because videos can always be viewed and therefore always make money. In the long run, one video can easily generate more than $1500.

Having said that, we can conclude that this is the easiest, most accessible and most profitable earnings model worldwide.

By Jelline Brands

Jelline Brands is 21 years old and generates an online income with YouTube Cash Cow Channels.

Jelline started Cash Cow Channels alongside her studies in the early 2020s and has achieved exceptional results since then. Thus, she even quit her studies after some time to fully focus on her YouTube channels.

Copy the techniques from the Academy to make your YouTube channel profitable within a short period of time

Over the past year, Jelline has gained a lot of knowledge and discovered secret techniques to make a YouTube channel profitable within a short period of time. She then put all this knowledge together in the Cash Cow Academy.

Thanks to this course, you can skip all the silly mistakes and easily copy and apply the proven techniques Jelline uses to make her YouTube channels profitable yourself.

Access the personal blueprint of Jelline Brands

In the Cash Cow Academy, you get access to over 70 instructive and clear videos that teach you step-by-step how to make money with YouTube.

This results-oriented course is Jelline's personal blueprint, and in it, she reveals all the secret techniques that she has used to earn an average of $1500 per YouTube video. All of these techniques you can copy to make money with YouTube in no time.

Recent casestudy

From $0 to $175,000+ within 4-5 months!

Jelline's case study channel generated $175,000+ within 4-5 months. This channel is even revealed in the course. This has never been done before with this revenue model worldwide!

Jelline reveals exactly her secret strategy in the updated main module. You just need to copy and apply this strategy!

What making money with YouTube can do for you....

  • You generate a passive source of income alongside your studies or work
  • You can work wherever you want
  • You can work whenever you want
  • You can easily scale up
  • You can easily outsource 

To make money with YouTube, you do not:

      1. Have to show your face
      2. Don't make your own videos
      3. Don't have to have great editing skills
      4. Don't need to buy expensive equipment
      5. Have no previous experience
      6. Not be a certain age
      7. Do not do customer service
      8. Not have a large capital

      Cash Cow Academy

      • Most complete online course worldwide on YouTube Cash Cow Channels with over 70 instructive and clear videos
      • Lifetime access to the Cash Cow Academy       


      • Access to the exclusive Cash Cow Community (worth $997)
      • Weekly group coaching sessions (worth $997)
      • Casestudy from €0 to $175,000 (worth $997)


      What can the Cash Cow Academy do for you?

      At the Cash Cow Academy, you'll discover...

      • How you can work wherever you want
      • How to work whenever you want
      • How to generate a passive income from home while studying or working
      • How to make money with YouTube without any technical knowledge or experience
      • How to automate your profitable YouTube channel, so you spend less than 60 minutes a day working
      • How to invest time or money into one video once and then keep making money from the same video for years to come

      At the Cash Cow Academy, you'll also learn...

      • How to choose a profitable niche market
      • How to conceive and create your own content without showing your face
      • How to create a successful and personal strategy
      • How to optimize and publish YouTube videos
      • How to systemize and automate a YouTube channel
      • How to analyze data
      • How to manage multiple YouTube channels

      And you'll learn a lot more...

      • How to devise and create a viral video
      • How to make a YouTube channel successful
      • How to grow a YouTube channel fast
      • How to make money from YouTube in different ways

        But that's not all...

      Cash Cow Academy (Worth $1500)

      Module 1: Introduction

      Module 2: Personal Preparation

      Module 3: General preparation

      Module 4: Choosing a profitable niche market

      Module 5: Setting up your YouTube channel 

      Module 6: YouTube Features

      Module 7: The secrets of the YouTube Algorithm

      Module 8: Key Factors for Successful YouTube Channel

      Module 9: Creating a strategy

      Module 10: Understanding viral content

      Module 11: YouTube Automation

      Module 12: Creating your own content

      Module 13: Publishing YouTube Videos

      Module 14: Analyzing Data

      Module 15: Making Money with YouTube

      Module 16: Biggest Problems Solved

      Sign up today and receive these exclusive bonuses for free!

      BONUS 1

      Cash Cow Community™ ($997)

      You will get instant access to the largest Cash Cow Channels network worldwide.

      In this exclusive group, you can network with over 50+ serious online entrepreneurs engaged in this revenue model, from starters to advanced entrepreneurs who earn up to $50.0000+ per month with their YouTube channels.

      In this, you can network, ask questions and motivate each other. This is a unique opportunity to surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you. 

      BONUS 2

      52 Group coaching sessions ($997)

      In the course, we will teach you everything you need to know, yet you will probably still have questions.

      Maybe your channel is not yet profitable right away, and you don't know if you are doing everything right....

      In the Cash Cow Academy, however, you are not alone! We provide online group coaching every week, where you can ask all your questions. Handy right?

      You are not obligated to attend, but you always have the possibility to be helped personally, whenever you need it. Because with us, your result is our priority. 

      BONUS 3

      Copyright claims and strikes ($197)

      How do you get the right material? How do you make sure you're not using copyrighted material? 

      As a bonus, we also cover how to avoid using protected material and if it does happen, how to fix it!

      Minimum investment, maximum results!


      Cash Cow Academy

      • Most complete online course worldwide on YouTube Cash Cow Channels with over 70 instructive and clear videos
      • Lifetime access to the Cash Cow Academy       


      • Access to the exclusive Cash Cow Community (worth $997)
      • Weekly group coaching sessions (worth $997)
      • Casestudy from €0 to $175,000 (worth $997)

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much money do I need to get started?

      First, you need to invest in the academy. In addition, the budget required depends on your personal preferences.

      • Are you planning to make the videos yourself and save money? Then you need an online program for video editing. Such programs can be purchased for as little as $10 - per month.
      • Are you planning to outsource the making of the videos? Then you need to hire people to make the videos for you. The cost of this is, on average $15 to $50 per video, depending on the difficulty level. In addition, you are in control of how many videos you have done per week or month. 

      I have a job or study, how much time will it take me?

      • When you make the videos yourself, it will take about 1 to 2 hours a day to create and upload one video each day. 
      • If you outsource the videos, it will take about 2 to 3 hours per week to think of topics in advance and upload the finished videos afterward.

      Can I make money with YouTube right away?

      No. You must first be accepted into the YouTube partner program. For this, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing time. After achieving these requirements, you can start earning money with your YouTube Cash Cow Channel right away. In the course, we will teach you step-by-step how to accomplish these requirements in no time.

      How can I earn money with YouTube?

      YouTube has a YouTube partner program that you can apply for if you meet all the requirements. If you are accepted for this, you will get ads with your videos. These will earn you money. A guideline is that every 1000 views generate an average of 2 to 10 euros.

      What kind of videos should I make? 

      During the course we will look together at which niche market suits you best. You have a lot of choice in this area. For example, you can make videos and compilations about animals, houses, celebrities, cars, interesting facts and much more. The possibilities are endless!

      Don't I have to show my face?

      No! We take existing content and turn it into something new. So you don't have to show your face, and you don't have to buy expensive equipment. This means you don't need any previous experience, and anyone can get started with YouTube Cash Cow Channels.

      Is this course more valuable than the information I can find on the Internet?

      The answer is yes! In this course, you will discover all the techniques that Jelline has used to make her YouTube channels successful. Most of the strategies Jelline uses, which she created herself, are not available on the Internet. In addition, this course is the most complete online course worldwide on YouTube Cash Cow Channels, with more than 40 instructive and clear videos. 

      Is the competition big on YouTube?

      The answer is no! YouTube has become one of the most popular websites for posting and sharing videos. It is the second most used search engine after Google. The market is insatiable and accessible to novice YouTubers.

      Is it guaranteed that I will be successful?

       The course is not a guarantee for success. You are responsible for your success. You can experience success if you put in 100% effort. 

      Can I cancel free of charge?

      Yes, but on some conditions! If you are not satisfied or decide to stop working together for any reason, you must cancel in writing by email within seven days of entering into this agreement. After these seven days, you will not get your money back. Also, you will not get your money back if you have viewed more than 10% of the main module Cash Cow Academy (maximum the first seven lessons*) that we make available. You may rest assured that the Cash Cow Academy is making every effort to make this a successful course.*

      *7 lessons: this means that you may fully view Module 1 Introduction and Module 2 Personal Preparation.

      * Cancellation rights expire when content other than Module 1 and 2 has been viewed. The cancellation right expires when viewing a lesson from modules 3 to 16 of the main module or bonus modules. 

      *So make sure a maximum of 10% has been viewed and cancel within seven days!

      Do you want to make money with YouTube? This is your chance!